Junior looking for BS/MD Program

I am a Junior

SAT 1560
current GPA (W 4.5, UW 3.9)

Total APs in 4 years - 8
Total Honors - 7

Research - Writing a research paper on Pancreatic Cancer. Plan to submit for publishing and reviews to Professors etc.

  • Duke TIP - Medicine
  • John Hopkins CTY -
  • NYLF-Medicine
  • Trying to schedule Physician Shadowing and Volunteer but with Covid it is challenging as no facilities around me are allowing. Maybe able to squeeze in about 40 hours or so.
  • Member HOSA and Neurosurgery clubs at HS
  • Plan to present poster at HOSA (if it happens in 2022)

Any suggestions on which BS/MD to focus and on my profile?

IMO you need to post your inquiry in the following thread for more insights: