Junior looking for Liberal Arts/Humanities matches

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Indian upper middle class female from competitive public Minnesota High school

Intended Major(s)
Undecided, interested in humanities like: English, History, Sociology, Cultural studies. Also potentially interested in a food science/food systems/nutrition path, also enjoy education policy and possibly international relations. Looking for a Russian cultural studies minor if possible.
34 ACT first time, not taking it again
UW/W GPA and Rank
3.77 UW around 4.0 weighted, will probably be 3.8 by the time I apply
(AP/IB/Dual Enrollment classes, AP/IB scores, etc)
4 APs as of junior year, taking 6 total in HS and 8 AP tests, so far 5s on tests so probably 4s and 5s
taking PSEO (college classes) at the University of Minnesota TC, 4 junior year and 3 senior year, so far have gotten 3 A’s and 1 B+.
Semester 1 senior year will be taking an internship type class on food science and will get 2 community college credits from that
2x national french exam winner (gold and platinum)
rather lacking lmao I was pretty depressed most of HS and had trouble finding anything I wanted to be part of
-working on the crew of a short film for film club (member of film club junior year and probably senior year too)
-recreational dance lessons and piano lessons outside of school (just for fun)
-part time job
-probably 100 volunteering hours at various places mostly freshman/sophomore year, not since the pandemic started
-volunteer as teacher’s aide for elementary summer school in 2019 and 2021, around 40 hours

One recommendation letter will be by my English teacher who taught me for three years since I was in 8th grade, she’s a great writer and she’s known me a long time so it will probably be good.


  • Safety
    University of Minnesota: PSEO students are pretty much guaranteed admission
  • Match: Mcgill University
  • Reach: I have no idea, Boston College, UChicago
    Looking for school in Chicago or preferably on the East Coast, near a city. Love Mcgill so something similar would be good, open to west coast as well, relatively cheap/good aid. Thanks!

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Consider University of Wisconsin since you’ll have tuition reciprocity.

“ Minnesota residents must apply to the Minnesota Office of Higher Education (MOHE) for verification of their eligibility for reciprocity.”

You note that you are upper middle class, yet looking for a school that is relatively cheap/good aid. It sounds like that means you may not be able to afford your EFC, which could rule out meet full need schools like BC and UChicago. Do you know your budget? Run the Net Price Calculators at all the schools on your list to get cost estimates and see if they are affordable.

Are you interested in LACs?

Yes, I probably can’t meet my EFC but my parents do have a decent amount of money saved for college, around $125k. I just was interested in merit aid or other outside scholarships since I probably won’t be getting good financial aid, and I agree that Chicago and Boston college are definite high reaches and more than I’d be willing to pay if I got in without a large scholarship.
And yes I am interested in LACs!

U of Wi Madison may be a match/reach.

Macalester? May be a bit of a reach but has the programs you are interested in.

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St Olaf seems may be a good match as a LAC, especially since it does have Russian studies, same for Lawrence University in WI.

For larger universities, I think that UVM may be worth a look

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