Junior : Old SAT I : 1420.... should i retake the old SATI?

<p>Should i retake the old SAT I i took it on oct9 and got a 800 Math 620 verbal... on practice tests i got ~700 verbal. i don't know why it dropped so much ... should i take the old SATI again or maybe just study for the NEW sat and take that.... i'm applying to stanford which accepts ur highest score for each category..old or new.(no composites) my verbal sucks... i'm confused</p>

<p>take the new one. you're going to apply to other school, so that's more useful.</p>

<p>Might as well take the old SAT again, couldn't hurt.</p>

<p>acutally you might not want to take the old ones too many times because you don't want to take any SAT too many times and i would just wait till march to take the new ones and work on your verbal next time and try to get a perfect composite. my guidence counselor siad the new SAT might hold more weigth anyways so why not just take the new ones</p>