Junior Schedule Help

<p>I this is my planned Junior schedule so far:</p>

<p>AP Chemistry
AP English Lang
AP US History
AP Calculus BC
Spanish 4
Physics Honors</p>

<p>I may take AP Computer Science as well, but is this course load too hard already? All the teachers have great pass rates (80% or higher). My Chemistry teacher teaches AP Chem and my Calc AB teacher teaches Calc BC. They are both great and teach well so I shouldnt have any problem with them. The students in APUSH are known for getting a lot of 5s in the class. The AP Eng Lang teacher is known for giving pop quizzes and seems super crazy. I dont know much about the AP Comp Sci teacher.</p>

<p>Overall, is this schedule possible in terma of difticulty? I'm interested in all of them so it's just for GPA purposes or how good I look to colleges (although they are added bonuses!)</p>

<p>The only thing is, if I take this Junior schedule, then my Senior Year will be jam packed:</p>

<p>AP Physics B
AP Eng Lit
AP Spanish Lang
AP Spanish Lit
AP Statistics
AP Macro/ AP Gov (they are one semester each)
Pharm Tech</p>

<p>I won't be able to take AP Psych</p>

<p>I think that is good for junior year. Plus, the computer science course is a joke. It isn't worth it. (A lot of my friends have taken it and they all say it isnt worth the time)</p>

<p>Do you have to take Spanish Lit? I mean, you are already taking Spanish language..... </p>

<p>I know the feeling of wanting to take a ton of AP's. I've planned out all of my high school years and I keep having to make a lot of changes, stupid scheduling. </p>

<p>Instead of computer science, take psychology or move one of your semester (macro/gov) to your junior year schedule and not take psychology. </p>

<p>If you are really dedicated then you should be able to handle that.</p>

<p>The social studies classes have to be taken in stages, so I don't know if my guidance counselor will allow me to take macro or gov in junior year. Also, I'm really interested in Spanish so I want to take both. However, I can take AP Computer Science instead of Physics Honors. So I guess that will work. Thanks for giving advice!</p>

<p>Take honors physics as a prereq for AP Physics B....AP Comp Sci isn't worth it IMO and it really isn't that impressive compared to physics, even at the honors level and not the AP.</p>

<p>Definitely manageable if you're willing to put in the time and effort to pay attention and complete the work in each class.</p>