Junior Schedule Help

<p>I was wondering if my schedule for next year looked good. I am hoping to go into architecture/ interior design. Please let me know if these classes will help me reach my goal. Thanks!</p>

<p>-Drawing and Painting II (need to take this to take AP -Studio Art in 12th)
-Photo 3 (sem. 1) and Architecture (sem. 2)
-AP English Language and Composition (required)
-Spanish 4 Advanced
-Algebra II/ Trigonometry Advanced (required)
-AP US History (required)
-Physics Advanced (required)
-AP Microeconomics</p>

<p>Looks good to me, nice balance, and they're related to your major. Oh and have fun with APUSH xP</p>

<p>APUSH.. oh dear. xD</p>

<p>Seems like a reasonable schedule and I think APUSH isn't hard when compared to APEH.</p>

<p>Ooohhhh APEH, very true. :P</p>