Junior schedule?

Hello! I am currently deciding my schedule for my junior year. I am planning on being a computer science major in college. Which schedule looks more rigorous?

  1. AP US History
    AP Chemistry
    Precalc Honors
    Research Seminar
    British Literature
    French 4

  2. AP US History
    AP Chemistry
    Precalc Honors
    Research Seminar
    Creative Writing/Grammar (both are semester courses)
    AP Computer Principals

Thank you so much!

  1. Core courses are more important than electives. And APCSP may be too low-level for your needs. And “Grammar” may be viewed as remedial.

And it’s spelled “principles.” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Pretty much a toss-up, as there only two differences.

Neither English class is listed as Honors/AP/etc., so they are a wash.

Some schools like seeing a 4th year of a language, and CSP is a light AP, so that’s also about a wash, despite the AP tag.

My school offers honors only for math. We don’t have AP english classes either.

What if I replace APCSP with AP Computer Science A? Or is it just better to take French 4?

Since you’re looking to be a CS major, yes, CS A would be better than French or CSP.

Unless you’re looking at a school that requires four years of a foreign language - I’m not sure any of those even exist.

Oh, they exist. At least in the sense where highly recommended is interpreted as required.


For a CS applicant at the type of school that would recommend four years, I think AP CSA and three years could still be better.