Junior Statesmen of America Summer School

<p>Hey i just got this in the mail... is it really worth it?? is it just for people who are devoted to polisci/IR or is it for everyone... i've taken AP history's and next year am taking ap econ, so the program at stanford would be a good intro to that... i'm more of a sciency person in my opinion... for the people that have attended this, would this be a waste of time.. is it a good investment... could this change my mind about my future careers??.. btw, history is one of my weaker areas... like a b/b+ish ... is this somethign that would hinder my admissions process to the program despite the AP's?? thanks... sorry about all the ?'s</p>

<p>I got the same thing, and i know people on CC have put it on their EC's, but are you willing to pay the fees for the program..
ALso, if you are not into poli-sci..then it is sort of meaningless to go...
YOu should probably go to a summer program that stresses math and science</p>

<p>like what are some good ones that are out there?? sciencey math ones???</p>

<p>like i dont hate polysci, i just don't know much about it... i'm not PASSIONATE.. i'm a good orator though i won the speech award.. so i dont know.... my strong points are math and science, weak point is history... but that's in AP histories, so it's kinda different i gues.... what programs are still open for science and math??? and that are reputable..... is JSA reputable??? i've seen it, but what good does it do??</p>

<p>Go here:<a href="http://tbp-highschool.mit.edu/highschool/%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://tbp-highschool.mit.edu/highschool/&lt;/a>
Dude, if you want to go to JSA go ahead...it looks good as an EC if you want to get right down to it</p>