Junior Transfer Fall 2014! Housing Issues!

<p>I’m hopefully going to transfer to BU next fall and I have absolutely NO idea how the whole housing part works! What’s the best option for a junior on-campus or off-campus housing??? Which dorms are the best?? I’m interested in apartment style dorms mainly, any advice about that??? I’m in desperate need of info on that field so I’ll be grateful for any opinion or suggestion!</p>

<p>Have you checked out the options on the website?
[Residences</a> » Housing | Boston University](<a href=“http://www.bu.edu/housing/residences/]Residences”>Student Residences | Boston University Housing)</p>

<p>Bay State Road is popular and centrally located, but I know you said you are more interested in apartment style. South campus maybe? I would also probably make the decision partially based on where most of your classes will be and if you will have a long walk to those classes in the winter, access to the T, etc.</p>