Junior Transfer Student must graduate in 2 years?

Hi, I am an international junior transfer student studying in ucb.
I am an Anthro major. L&S
I just heard from many of my friends that Junior Transfer students must graduate in 2 years?
And students can only extend one extra semester by submitting a petition.
Is that true?

What happens if I fail to take all the required courses for graduation in 2years?

Thank you


For a junior transfer to UCB L&S, you are subject to a 130 unit ceiling if you want to register for fall or spring semesters beyond four. Note that at most 70 units transferred from community colleges are counted.

It should not be difficult to complete the major in four semesters, since there are 12 required courses, 3 of which are lower division courses that are commonly offered at community colleges (so you probably will have them done before transfer). Since you will probably take about 16 courses in four semesters after transfer, the 9 remaining courses plus electives will fit easily.


Based on course descriptions, it does not look like there are extremely long prerequisite sequences for most upper division anthropology courses, assuming that you have the lower division courses complete. Some courses do specify biology prerequisites in addition.


If you double major you can have additional semester in order to graduate. DSP students also can get up to an addition year. I know somebody who got a year extension since she’s a mom and had hard time keeping with her classes. So it really depends on your reason for not graduating in two years. I think two years is more than enough to graduate for most majors.