junior who needs help!


<p>Around the time school started I emailed my college counslar for some help. I never got a response and I totally understand that she was busy with helping the seniors and everything but I had a few important questions that I think some of you guys can help me out with.</p>

<p>-During the junior year, how many times should you take the SAT and the ACT?
The tradition at my school is just once but I do horrible on standarized tests so I think I need to maybe do them twice like the late winter.spring/summer(I know that sounds vague but I don't know the test dates at the top of my head.)
-I know this sounds like a stupid question but do you register for the tests online at collegeboard or through the mail or what?(I have never been to collegeboard online so far)</p>

<h2>-Also when is the best time to take the SAT subject tests-I am taking AP history so I was thinking about taking US history SAT subject test this year.</h2>

<p>Also a unrelated question but does anyone have any tips for studying AP World History I am self studying that this year as well.</p>

<p>Future thanks</p>

<p>you can take the SAT as many times as you want, I think 2 is would be ok. I prefer signing up online b/c its faster/easier (can you check the scores online if you signed up by mail?), the website is really easy to understand, and also try taking the SAT I during the winter (dec/jan) and if you decide to take them again you can do so in the spring (i think june is better that way you can take SAT II closer to AP season when all the info is fresh- i took APUS SAT a year after i took the AP test and did pretty bad on it)</p>

<p>Thanks catacat!
Anyone else?</p>

<p>From what I have read on sites like CC, colleges usually like to see that an applicant has taken the SAT about two or three times. Any more than that, in my opinion, is excessive, especially since your score tends to plateau after 2-3 times. I think that, since you are a junior, you can start doing SAT prep through books or something around this time and take the PSAT in October, I believe. If you are really insecure in your predicted score, then I would suggest taking the November SAT test date of your junior year. Continue prep and then re-take the SAT in April or May of your junior year. Then you can take the SAT for your 3rd and final time in October of your senior year. I would recommend taking your SAT Subject Tests in June...especially for US History. You will have just taken the APUSH test and the material will be at least somewhat fresh in your mind. If you are taking any other AP tests, then I would recommend testing in those subjects in June after/at the end of your junior year as well. Also, are you in pre-cal? If so, then you can take the Math IIC in June after you have finished up pre-cal.</p>

<p>i recommend taking them in april and june unless you are taking a class that will set you up for taking the sat IIs. then take the sat before april AND april and take the subject tests during june. and yes, collegeboard.com is the best way to sign up for the SATs</p>