Junior Year: 5 APs vs 6 APs, cannot decide

<p>I'm pondering whether to take 5 APs or 6 APs next year. In terms of rigor it might not have much difference in college admissions, but in terms of class rank, it could be the difference between rank 1 or 2. </p>

<p>My set schedule so far is 5 with:</p>

AP Compsci
AP Calc BC
AP English 3
AP Physics B</p>

<p>and I"m wondering if I should add APES to it. Would it be the tipping scale in work overload?
(APES and AP Bio are interesting subjects to me, like Bio more, but the schedule would be much more rigorous if I added AP Bio as the 6th one)</p>

<p>I took 3 APs last year and handled it pretty well.
Now I know it's impossible for you to judge if I can handle 1 more AP, but for the average CCer who got a 2160 on SAT, while studying for subject tests and trying to improve my SAT score also, and a varsity sport in 1 season... 6 vs 5?</p>

<p>Thanks for the feedback CC :)</p>

<p>APES at most schools is a joke, so I'd take it.</p>

<p>APES is generally considered one of the easier APs so you should bother.</p>

<p>Take it. I heard APES is an easy 5.</p>

<p>Thanks for the responses guys. So besides APES, the rest of the schedule is pretty hand-able with time management right?</p>

<p>APES is easy, but the exam can have tough curves that may bring down your score. This year less than 9% got a 5, and then nearly 25% got a 4. The grade distributions aren't in AP Central, I saw a post about it in CC. </p>

<p>Also, if you think your self-studying skills are good enough, you can self-study AP Computer Science. It's basically a CS1 course, learning how to program in Java and lots of computer science concepts. But I think you should only consider it if you excel in self-studying. I took an online CS1 course through my local community college, got an easy A, but I got a disparaging 3 on the APCS exam because of my lackluster self-study skills.</p>

<p>APES is very similar to AP Bio, but it's generally not as hard. If you can handle a little more work, go for it!</p>

<p>Yes i think the rest of your AP's are pretty manageable. The hardest might be AP Comp Science...just because i know people who took it and didn't do so well. But i took AP Physics an APUSH and AP English Language, and they were manageable. (i just wished i used my time wisely and actually studied..but whatever). They're not super hard. Idk about AP Calc BC...if you like math and are good at it, you will probably do well. But other than that, everything is good. i wish i had your schedule junior year! but nooo..i was stuck organic chemistry and latin and a crappy pre-calc teacher :\ sighh.</p>

<p>also ...if you know you are going to be busy and stuff with hw, just don't take APES. It might just be a waste of time.. you can always self-study if you want.</p>

<p>Thanks for the responses.</p>

<p>I think I'll take it, the grade bump would be helpful to my cumulative GPA and rank (Goddam those non-honor prerequisite clases)</p>