Junior year overloading or not?

Next year I was just thinking and wondering if this is an overload for a schedule

AP calculus BC
AP English lang
ap physics 1
ap computer science
ap ush

BTW, I want to be a computer science major and am fluent in Java and python already.
My friends say its an overload but I’d like to hear thoughts from other people and their experiences with these classes.

That really depends on how easily math comes to you and how well you read.

AP CS will be pretty easy for you because you understand the foundational logic behind programming. Just don’t get cocky and short change the work based on your background.

Algebra based Physics uses math concepts you already have a great grasp of. It’s actually pretty fun.

The biggest thing will be whether you can keep up with the reading or not.

My son took BC, AP Lit, AP Art History, Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry senior year and did fine. He’d already taken Physics C and AP Chem his Junior year.

What would you take if you didn’t take that schedule? What would get cut? WHat would replace it or them? People get overwhelmed by “AP” in the title, but at the end of the day, they are all just high school courses.

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I’m like okay at math. It’s not too hard for most concepts however sometimes I get confused when others don’t. I’m like probably 13/30th spot in my math class. I want to take AP english langauge to help me with essays and be a better english writer in general which will help me probably not only for college apps but in college and for job resumes. I would probably change anything in the schedule other than ap calculus and ap english lang. All others can be changed as those two are the ones I really want to take.

Schedule is doable. Have you finished your foreign language sequence?

Yea I’m doing sp3h this year. I don’t want to do AP spanish cuz im pretty bad at spanish at least compared to everyone else in my class and I’ve heard its really hard.

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I don’t see an issue with it if your a strong student. My son took 6 Aps with Calc 3 and cello… Lol. He found it easier then his all honors school since it was in depth and he actually liked that. Made things more interesting for him.

Talk with your counselor/teachers since they would know you best then a bunch of strangers that don’t know you at all.

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Bruh Ok

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Not sure how to respond so… Good luck! :thinking:

Yes, I don’t recommend AP Spanish. It is very hard. I had one kid do it, one didn’t.

I forgot he took AP Mandarin Senior year too.

I think your schedule is doable if you do.

Unless you are super interested in history or the AP US history teacher is a rock star I would drop APUSH. The rest is :+1:

that gives me a good idea. I’m going to ask some seniors that took it last year.

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