Junior Year Questbridge?

<p>I've heard that one can apply for questbridge junior year. if so, how can I do this/what are the benefits?

<p>The program for juniors is known as the College Prep Scholarship. You can read all about the various offerings here: QuestBridge</a> College Prep Scholarship - Overview</p>

<p>Basically the purpose is to help juniors better prepare for submitting college applications during their senior year. The most common award is an invitation to attend one of the College Admissions conferences. These conferences are very informative. However, it can be tough to pay for transportation and lodging in order to attend. I'd encourage all students to take full advantage of the QB website. There is some great information available there in the Student Resource portion of the website.</p>

<p>i agree with 2blue and i would also add that participating in QuestBridge junior year helps a lot with the college admissions process during your senior year with the National College Match.</p>

<p>Thanks! :)</p>