Junior year schedule: AP Econs or AP Stat?

<p>Hey guys I have a scheduling conflict and I need to decide very soon what class I want to take. I have 3 and possibly 4 options. Here is my schedule that I know for sure:
0 hour-College Writing
1st- AP Chem
2- Honors Physics
3- AP Calc AB
5- Latin 3
6- Band
I can take either AP Stat, Ap Macro/micro, regular World History, or a computer language class with like Chinese and Hindi. any advice is appreciated =)</p>

<p>given that you don't have a history/social studies, either AP econ or World HIst fit....especially if this is for junior year; alot of schools want at least three years of history/social sci for admissions.</p>

<p>Your schedule is already weighed toward the technical with two science classes and a math class. I'm not sure what "college writing" covers. But if its something other than English literature, that would be a better choice than those you've identified. A second choice is World History. I would leave economics for college.</p>

<p>College Writing is a class that is all writing, lol. No literature. It's gonna be tough, but I had to take it because I had a conflict with Honors 11 English. I am leaning toward AP Econ at this point.</p>