Junior Year Schedule Review


<p>Im in my junior year of highschool and plan on attending the University of Michigan (Out of state).
Period 1 - English 3 Honors/Pre-AP
Period 2 - AP Environmental Science
Period 3 - Spanish 3 Honors
Period 4 - Digital Design 2 Honors
Period 5 - AP Calculus AB
Period 6 - AP US History
Free 7th</p>

<p>Is it up too par?</p>

<p>Does your school offer AP Lang because I'm also a junior yet I'm doing AP Lang rather than Pre-AP English 3 (I'm taking AP Lit next year ).</p>

<p>The main objective that comes with applying to elite/ high-tier colleges is to simply take most if not all of the most difficult classes your school has to offer in an effort to show that you've challenged yourself. But DON'T overwhelm yourself with classes that have practically buried you in work or that you have no chance of getting an A in much less a high B.</p>

<p>They do but honestly, English isn't my subject. Will be taking it senior year though.</p>

<p>Just ask yourself if you're able to "take the challenge"; assess your level of commitment.