Junior Year Schedule?

<p>What should I expect from a schedule like this? What are your experiences with these courses? Any tips? Do you think I'm stretching myself too thin? I also want to get a job that I can work nights and weekends...</p>

<p>IB English 1
IB Spanish 5
IB History 1
IB Theory of Knowledge
IB Biology
Calculus w/ Apps
AP Psychology</p>

-Field Hockey (15-20 hrs a wk)
-SGA (varied amount)
-National Honor Society (joining this year)
-Model UN (starting the club at my school)</p>

<p>I think you're stretching yourself too thin. With a schedule like that you will have NO free time, hardly be able to sleep, and chances are your anxiety and stress will become clinical.
I recommend either dropping some of the tougher classes, forgetting about a job, or dropping field hockey. Or a combination of any of them.
I'm not trying to be discouraging, it's just that you'll be thinking about all you did that was REALLY worthwhile and actually taught you life lessons as a teenager, and you'll strain yourself to find something valuable.</p>