Junior Year study buddies?

My Junior year schedule is as follows:
AP Chem (or Physics, haven’t decided yet)
AP Macroeconomics
AP Calc (BC)
IB Spanish
AP Bio (or Accounting)
Creative Writing (Maybe Debate if someone can convince me to take it)
Adv. Expository Writing
I’m looking for someone that will be taking some of the same classes and is willing to work together as a sort of study group in particular classes. Thanks!

I’m planning on making a skype-based study group chat for juniors taking common classes. The only course I really have in common with you right now is AP Bio, but I’m sure you’d be able to find others in the group who have similar classes to you. (: Feel free to join! I haven’t formed the chat itself yet, but I’ve had a few responses. Right now I’m waiting on messages with usernames. If you want, you can private message me yours and we can go ahead and create it sometime soon.