<p>I'm taking the Nov. SAT, and I want to take the Dec. Sat. I expect I'll score a 1400+ on Jan, and about a 1200+ on Nov.</p>

<p>Now based on the new SAT , coming out, the 2400 pts one. </p>

<p>If I took the "NEW" SAT, twice. That would mean I took the SAT's 4 times.</p>

<p>Is that chaotic? I mean, I know your not supposed to take the old one more than 3 times, but how does it factor in with the new one? Thank!</p>

<p>Why are you taking it so many times??
Why are you even taking the old one, and why twice, before you even get a score?
That just sounds like a lot of unnecessary spending of time and money.</p>

<p>Whoops. I meant the January one. Well, its because I know that if I truly donate my time in this, I can score a 1400+ with ease. My math is about 710-750, but its my english that is truly lacking. I know I can bring it up a lot higher. </p>

<p>Has CollegeBoard made any policies about this yet? Thanks!</p>

<p>in that case, dont take the november test. seems pretty worthless to get a 1200 if you can raise that by 200 points in Jan.</p>

<p>What if I already paid for the Nov test though?</p>

<p>Then just cancel and ask if you can switch your payment to the december one or whatever.</p>

<p>Can you really do that? I had no idea. The nov one is coming up this week though, would they still let me? thanks for the advice so much so far!</p>

<p>Does anyone know if its too late to do that since my Nov. Test is on this Saturday? Sorry again, thank you so much for the help t oeveryone!</p>