Junior's Chances at Columbia, Stanford, Princeton, Brown

<p>Hi, wondering how my chances looked
White Male from Midwest, school rarely sends to ivies</p>

<p>GPA: 3.81W 3.7UW 9-12 (approx)
4.1W 3.9UW 10-12(approx)</p>

<p>Huge upward trend, 3.15, 3.85, 4.22, at least 4.3 next year(obviously will do better & have more APs)</p>

<p>ACT 34
SAT 2330
SAT II 800M 780US 770 Biology</p>

<p>Rank: 13% as of now, probably 9% when I apply to colleges</p>

US History - 5
Biology - 4</p>

PSAT Semifinalist at least- 230 PSAT</p>

JSA - President - 11,12
Speech and Debate - 10, 11, 12
Medical Club - 10, 11, 12
National Honors Society - 10, 11, 12 - Will probably get Sec.
Internship at Law Firm
JSA @ Georgetown Session 1 (Summer before Jr. Yr)
SNFI Debate Camp Advanced Seminar (Summer before Jr. Yr.)
Nationals Qualifier in LD Debate

Stanford 10-12 GPA
Princeton 10-12 GPA
Notre Dame

<p>Am I aiming far too high?</p>

<p>Everything seems good except the rank is a little low percentage-wise. I'd apply to some top schools like the ones you mentioned, but id also have a considerable amount of matches and safeties.</p>

<p>i think your scores (which are great) might actually hurt you, because colleges will see them in relation to your low gpa/rank and think you are lazy.</p>

<p>iowejf: Colleges would rather have a smart but lazy student who can blossom intellectually in colleges, than a dumb but diligent student who'll just go through college getting his work done. At least, that's according to Michelle Hernandez, former admissions officer at Dartmouth and author of A Is for Admission.</p>

<p>Plato1428: I think your scores are great, and the upward trend is a huge plus, but your EC's seem lacking for the top schools. You're involved in lots of stuff, but you haven't earned any major awards (sorry, National LD qualifier or AIME just doesn't cut it).</p>

<p>I agree with most of the above. Your rank is going to hurt you a bit, along with your ECs. It's not the lack of awards or a hook, it is just that your list is too dime a dozen among applicants. </p>

<p>Anyway, if you can pay for the application fees, I don't see why you shouldn't apply.</p>

<p>i dont think his test scores will hurt him because the colleges who dont take all 4 years will see that he has realised he made a mistake his freshmen year and that academics were very important. He changed himself so why should he be punished for being mature?</p>

<p>I think your chances look great. Though those are selective schools you are applying to, I would be shocked if you did not get into one or more of Columbia, Stanford, and Princeton.</p>

<p>Hmm, so P,S, and C are out of question because of low rank & bad ECs?</p>

<p>For P, S, C, its all a crap shoot, and i applied to HYP so i know. I have a feeling you wont get in because you have the good grades and scores which most have who apply there but u arent a national champion at something. and you havent cured cancer. but since its all random, you could possibly get in, it just depends on if you have what they need.
As for the others, you have better chances of course. i got wait listed at brown with similar scores, but again it all depends on what they need.
Brown, UPenn, and UChicago you have some shot.
It basically all depends on how many pplz apply and acceptance rates. I believe the accetance rates are slightly higher at georgetown and notre dame, so you probably have a better shot at those. I am not sure what school you are looking for but i'm guessing a bigger university. Find some good safeties, but i bet ull get into one of those schools at least.</p>

<p>bump 10char</p>

Hmm, so P,S, and C are out of question because of low rank & bad ECs?


<p>No. I, at least, think you have a fair shot at many of the schools on your list. You should apply to any school you want to attend, regardless of what we think your "chances" are. It's always better to apply than to be left thinking "what if?"</p>

<p>Well I hope you get in because my stats are similar to yours, low GPA high SAT but the greatest minds in the world were lazy in school- Hawking, Einstein, etc. but you have decent chances at most of those schools and it's definitely worth applying to them</p>