Junior's chances for Ivies+Stanford?

<p>2nd semester Junior
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: 2nd generation Korean
Income: >$100,000
School: Small, private, secular
State: Ohio</p>

<p>ACT: 34
SAT II: Will be taking Math II, Bio E, US Hist this year, and maybe Chem as senior (will re-learn Chem as explained below)
Sophomore GPA (out of 4.0): 3.748 (Junior/Senior grades not factored in yet)
AP: Taken, but scores not yet recieved
No ranks available/known at my school</p>

OMEA All-State Orchestra (9,11)
Regional Orchestra of Northwest Ohio, 2nd chair of 1st violins (9,11)
OMEA High School Music Contest, earned top 1, superior marks (10,11)
City's Youth Orchestra, co-principal of 2nd violins during 10 (9,10,11)
School String and Chamber Ensembles, 2nd chair of 1st violins (9,10,11)
School Musical violin player (11)
Kumon Math J+ Student, ranked 154 out of 1554 J+ students in North America as of Dec. 2009 (10,11)
Golf JV (9) Varsity (2 letters) (10,11)
Tennis JV (9,10)
Club Swim Team, qualified for State Championships (9)
Volunteer at church Bible camp (10) (30 hours total)
Public Library volunteer (9,10) (45 hours total)
Paid for performing with professional string ensemble (10) (10 hours total)</p>

<p>Don't know whether to include this too, would like to:
MOCpages and Brickshelf, LEGO creations @ The</a> Hill : MOCpages.com and
[url=<a href="http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?m=Manthies%5DBrickshelf"&gt;http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?m=Manthies]Brickshelf&lt;/a> Gallery<a href="9,10,11">/url</a></p>

Violin Workshop at a Bowling Green State Univ. (9,10)
Equinox Summer Program, engineering camp at Case Western (9)
Computer programming camp at College of Mount St. Joseph (10)
Creative writing at Wright State Univ. (10)</p>

Member of school Honor Society for high academic performance (10,11)
Violin Scholarship Winner of city's Symphony League (9,10,11)
Artwork in city's art museum exhibition (10)</p>

<p>Freshman Grades:
English: A-
Art: A
Theater: A
String Ensemble: A
Spanish II: B+
History: B+
Geometry: A
Bio: A
Blues & Jazz (Month-long intensive elective): A</p>

English II: A
String Ensemble: A
Spanish III: B
Health: A
History: A-
Algebra 2: A
Honors Chem: B-
Film-making (Month elective): A</p>

<p>Junior (this Semester's current grades):
AP Lang: A-
AP Bio: A
Spanish IV: A-
Honors Precalc: A-
String Ensemble: A
Furniture-making (Elective): A</p>

<p>Senior Schedule:
AP Calc
AP Stat
Honors Physics (weighted course)
Senior Seminar (AKA, regular English)
String Ensemble
3D Modeling
Marine Science (Elective)</p>

<p>Am already working on 2 different, good essays.
Am considering getting 2 teacher recommendations (English/Hist and Bio) along with Counselor's and possibly my school "advisor"'s if allowed</p>

<p>I really busted my butt this year preparing for tests and raising grades to combat my poorer early record. My school doesn't offer a wide variety of courses, so almost everybody has to take the same core courses during Freshman and Sophomore years. Standard scores here are about 29-30 on the ACT. It's also the type of school where I've never heard of the National Honor Society, but it's not rural or urban. If this is important to express, where do I express it? Am likely going to pursue an engineering/other tech degree.</p>

<p>Help please?</p>

<p>Well, because you nearly perfectly fit that 'Asian Stereotype' for adcoms, your chances are hurt a bit. </p>

<p>ACT's are good, GPA OK. EC's are nearly completely revolved around the violin, you should further pursue that LEGO thing and stand out a lot more.</p>

<p>I'd say reaches to high reaches for most. Cornell ED is probably really high chances.</p>


<p>I can share my stats with you if you want. I am also Asian.
PM me if you need help.</p>

<p>I'm a bit concerned about my senior schedule. I can change it, but I'm not 100% sure I'd want to. And I'm not 100% sure that this schedule would be wanted by admissions. I could take AP Lit instead of regular English (even though I hated AP Lang this year: bad teacher, hard class, didn't learn anything). And I could take APES or Spanish 5 (AP Spanish) instead of the comp courses if my school allows (comp = no credits at my school) even though Spanish has been my weakest subject throughout highschool and I would much rather take the elective courses personally.</p>

<p>Is it even worth it for me to try and steer for a difficult senior schedule or am I just screwed to begin with? Should I just focus on writing good essays and keeping up a high GPA with the courses I already have rather than fretting over whether I'm taking enough AP's? (AP's at my school tend to be notoriously hard)</p>

<p>Gosh, I hate admissions stress.</p>