Juniors: post your PSAT to SAT scores

<p>OK, time to see how everyone did with junior PSATs versus their junior SATs.</p>

<p>Last year, we had a lively thread on this subject, & as the thread host, I went into excruciating detail on summarizing & analyzing (toward the thread end): <a href="http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/showthread.php?t=52299%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/showthread.php?t=52299&lt;/a>
However this year, I hope just to get your individual stories on this thread, perhaps w/ a moderate amount of summarization, if at all.</p>

<p>So, please post your junior PSAT score, followed by your junior SAT (I) score (the first one taken in the year), in this format:</p>

<p>junior PSAT/junior SAT</p>


<p>ALSO, what I've found most illuminating is your reasoning behind any differences.......e.g., better night's rest before one test, studying more for one, just plain luck. Its this insight that helps others understand what they might want to change for future testing. Significant differences in the separate scores (CR, M, W) can sometimes be interesting as well, e.g., “overall score remained steady, but lost points in math & gained in verbal due to.....”</p>

<p>Thanks, & I will bump this up thru the spring as SAT scores become available after each sitting, next one being mid February.</p>

<p>I don't see why you just don't take PSAT/composite SAT. Anyways, my junior SAT was the old test but the PSAT for that year was for the new test...I did take it again that year though. First time w/ new test my junior year was:

<p>so we stay consistent, lets keep it nominally to</p>

<p>junior PSAT/junior 1st SAT I</p>

<p>if you'd like to throw in your current composite too, thats helpful additional info.</p>


<p>I just screwed up PSAT math. Got 1 tricky one wrong (the tiles question) and 1 EASY one wrong haha wts.</p>


<p>Was incredibly stupid on the CR of the SAT (like -7) while I got -1 on the writing and omitted one on math. Meanwhile, I just made dumb mistakes on the PSAT. It didn't have anythign to do with "restedness" (although maybe the fact that I had just had a HUGE fight with my parents the night before played into how I wrote my essay and why I got a fairly low score on it). I got a 9 on the essay and 80 on MC so 790 in writing (as opposed to a 78 on PSAT), 770 in math (74 on PSAT), and a 710 in CR (72 on PSAT).</p>


<p>I did a few practice tests before PSAT and none at all before the SAT, had a gig the night before the SAT and got home at around midnight. My math went up 20 points (72/740), CR up by 40 (74/780) and writing stayed the same. I think the thing that helped me the most about the SAT was that it was low pressure, at the time I was thinking I would probably cancel my scores for various reasons.</p>

<p>231/2240 I must admit I'm thinking of retaking because I didn't do so well on the writing section.</p>

<p>great discussion behind your scores...thanks & keep them coming</p>

<p>226/2260. Improved on my writing and CR sections on actual SAT, disappointingly enough my perfect in math went down quite a bit. It bugs me, so I'm re-taking in this fall.</p>

<p>Incamera, at least you're consistent in your composite score. :P</p>

<p>incamera: retaking a 2260?!</p>

<p>I'll post my score difference after I get my Jan SAT back next tues. :)</p>

<p>210 PSAT/2140 SAT</p>

<p>Not to much changed obviously although I studied in between. I took the PSAT in October and the SAT in December which provided some time just to take practice tests although I found out my SAT score before my PSAT, so the PSAT didn't help me out much other than providing practice. :)</p>

<p>219 psat/2170 sat</p>

<p>psat= 620 cr, 770m, 800w
sat= 690cr, 780m, 700w, essay= 9(did not finish essay- ran out of time)
I want to retake it in June to get cr above 700 and to improve in writing</p>

<p>well whatever your writing turned out to be, you did pretty well as it is. if i were you, i wouldnt retake it just to do better on ONE section. why risk doing worse on the other two by taking it again?</p>

<p>204 PSAT/1740 & 1820 SAT</p>

<p>I'm really bad at critical reading.</p>

<p>well i cant include my data for this, since i only have Soph SAT and Junior PSAT but if anyone cares...</p>

<p>Soph PSAT- 205//80m 65W 60CR
Soph SAT (march)- 2220 //800m 730W 690CR
Junior PSAT- 223//80m 80W 63CR</p>

<p>yeah i'm pretty sure i would do better on the SAT if i took it again later this year (im a junior), but i really dont want to... plus 2220 is good enough anyway right?</p>

<p>I would be happy with that score and chill</p>

<p>It would be more helpful to a chat like this if a student would tell their inferior scores as well. My daughter got a 32 ACT. 204 PSAT, but only a 670, 670, 560 SAT. Should she take the SAT over or just send in the ACT score? Sorry I am suspicious of all the high scores but you would help more students, if all scores and situations would be sent in.</p>

<p>I guess that depends on where she wants to go.</p>

<p>Cornell,Tufts, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, Brandeis, Rochester and Emory are on top of the list</p>