Juniors taking old SATI do we have to take SATII writ?

<p>i'm a junior took the old SAT got a 800m / 620 ughhh CHOKED verbal.....</p>

<p>ne ways do i have to take the SAT II writing still? i'm applying stanford.... i wanna retake the old SATI and never even bother the new sat.... do i have to take SATII writing? i emailed stanford but am waiting for a reply... i want to register for November 6 SATI so i wanna kno...</p>

<p>You <em>should</em> take the SAT II Writing if you are interested in applying for any of the Ivy Leagues.</p>

<p>yes, you should. even though you may need to take the new SAT which includes writing, the scores on that section will be <em>subjective</em> for the first few years because nobody knows exactly what they mean and all, so colleges will want to see how you did on the tried and true SAT II in comparrison to the trial run of the new SAT. the classes of 06 and 07 are guinea pigs really. do it soon though, in Dec or Jan, because it is being discontinued with the initation of the new SAT</p>

<p>January is the final date for the SAT II Writing.</p>

<p>Guinea pigs or not, Ivies will not want to see poor scores on the "new" SAT.</p>

<p>yep, if you'e taking the old sat you must take 3 tests, including writing, which means you have until jan.</p>

<p>or you can be like me and only take the new one!</p>

<p>HAHA sucks for you juniors!</p>

<p>For 2006, Stanford will take either the old or new SAT. Stanford does not require SAT II's but highly recommends them. In other words, it will not be necessary to take the SAT II writing if you do not take the new SAT but you should evaluate that "highly recommended" statement. You should assume that almost everyone applying 2006 will either submit the new SAT (or new ACT with writing) or the old one plus the SAT II writing and thus you will be evaluated with that group. In other words, I think you should give serious consideration to providing a writing section, either the II or the new test.</p>