Juss got my Scores now... but not the scores i wanted

<p>I dunno about the others but my scores are up now... but i did poorly for some stupid reason. </p>

<p>SAT II Math IIC: 690
SAT II Chem: 660
Writing... horrible but since im a junior it doesnt really matter that much juss taking it as a practice. its 530 btw...</p>

<p>What should i do!!!
I used Barrons for both Chem and Math bc i thought they would "overprepare me" but i guess they really didnt. Is there any better books for theses????</p>

i loved barrons personally - i only got a 37/50 on the tests but got an 800
also used my precalc textbook
chem - i got a 760; i used kaplan and my school chem AP textbook. chem honors textbook should work too... what section are u weakest @? mine is that last 60 problems lol
Writing - im fairly okay - 720ish from practice
its all about strategy - look @ sparknotes new sat guide</p>