Just a Curious Sophomore

<p>Yes, I just finished Freshman year and so I will be going into my Sophomore year in August but I've just been really curious about how I'm doing and what I need to improve on to get into some of the top schools.</p>

<p>So let's see...
As of now my weighted GPA is 4.250
Class rank: 27/511 (19 people improvement from first semester)</p>

<p>My classes and grades first semester were:
Honors Biology [A]
Honors English 1 [A]
Honors Geometry [A]
Honors US History **
Design Arts [A]
Japanese 1 [A]
Multimedia [A]</p>

<p>My classes and grades second semester were:
Honors Chemistry [A]
Honors English 1 [A-]
Honors Geometry [H (meaning a 97% or higher in an Honors class)]
Honors History [A]
Debate [A]
Japanese 1 [A]
PE [A]</p>

<p>For sports I was on the Freshman team for Cross Country (not really that good but I was our number 5 freshman) and I was on our JV team for tennis and there's a good chance I'll be on Varsity next year because there are a lot of varsity members leaving. Tennis is what I'm most passionate about and I hope to be good enough to play in college.</p>

<p>So yeah that's really all I could think of to list. I was thinking about joining the debate team next year since I did rather well in the class and enjoyed it.
Currently I would like to be an engineer, not sure which type yet. Although that may change (I'm actually kind of scared of that happening). I haven't done too much work looking at colleges but I have been really interested in Stanford and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Although since I live in Missouri I have been looking into Wash U's engineering program.
I would appreciate it if people could let me know what colleges would be good for me, some things that I should start working on or things I should look into that would improve my chances, or just anything that you think could help :) Thanks</p>

<p>Stay involved with EC's and keep your grades up for now.</p>

<p>Okay thanks. What about things like volunteer work and stuff like that? I've read some things on here where people are talking about that</p>

<p>Yeah volunteering is good, Im sure you can think of several places where you could volunteer. As far as work goes, internships would be really good, although Id imagine theyd be tough to get as a hs srudent, unless you have connections i.e. family business.</p>

<p>Well my mom owns a graphic design company so I could look into getting an internship there.
Thanks again!</p>

<p>What state are you from?</p>

<p>^He said he lives in Missouri. </p>

<p>OP: I think you're doing well so far, so just keep up the good work in your classes and find some extracurriculars that you love (in addition to tennis) and get more involved- this could be a job, another sport, volunteering, etc.</p>