just a few hours left...

<p>these last few hours are harder than the last few days. i live in CA, so i could check it at school during lunch or something, but that may seem too obsessive. someone tell me once they get their scores.</p>

<p>I'm planning on checking at school. I can't wait!</p>

<p>dammit... i have been checking all of today... what time does it actually come out on collegeboard.com?</p>

<p>yeah it would be nice if you could post when the results are up</p>

<p>peace out</p>

<p>i've heard that it comes out at 12 pm EST.</p>

<p>Literally dying from anxiety.</p>

<p>ME TOO!!!... I'm checking from my school's computers! MAN! WHEN WILL THEY GET HERE?!!</p>

<p>12 eastern would be in an hour and 7 minutes!</p>

<p>edit: i guess the CC clock is off because my computer and alarm clock say 7:53 AM, (10:53 Eastern)</p>

<p>it was more like 2pm est june... i think</p>

<p>Checking constantly between classes....</p>

<p>ahhh i got it..:(</p>

<p>nop j/k..hehe</p>

<p>I got it, log out of your accounts and relog back in and see the red button, mine aren't in my score list for some reason I had to hit the button after logging in.</p>

<p>what order do they come in? anyone know?</p>