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<p>I received a scholarship and have completed my BE in electronics ...However, I have a very low percentage. I would like to pursue my masters degree. Coming from a middle class family in Nepal, I would like to know if securing a good score in GRE would allow me to be elligible to apply for scholarships and financial aid in colleges in US....</p>

<p>I would be grateful towards your suggestions.</p>

<p>If you are asking about a masters degree, CC has a graduate forum. I'm honestly not sure how much scholarships and financial aid are score-based. From what I understand most graduate students get funding to cover their costs. Good luck.</p>

<p>can i get in to mit college if i get 1900 in sat1 and maths1 800 maths2 800 physics 760 in subject test</p>

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<p>You need to make an appointment with the counselors at the office of EducationUSA that is closest to you. They are the experts on issues of Nepal to US grad school applications.</p>

<p>Educational</a> Advising Centers – EducationUSA</p>