Just a question...

<p>How many of you have started to receive emails from colleges (based on the Collegeboard Search, or other things)? I'm a sophomore and I've already gotten some... and I was wondering how many people actually get these things. Nothing on the list really stands out and I have yet to be mass invited to apply (and then rejected) by Yale. Haha. But I've been invited by USC, WashU, etc.</p>

<p>*********, even though it's early in your high school career, your academic abilities are already attracting attention. Because of that, you've been selected to receive Backpack Secrets of the Nation's Top Scholars from Washington University in St. Louis.</p>

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<p>I just filled it out for fun. How many other people got this?</p>

<p>I switched off CB e-mails, now I am wondering too.</p>

<p>Most people who take the PSAT will get a metric ton of emails from colleges, unless you ask them to not send you emails.</p>

<p>I am a sophomore, and I just got the same letter from Washington University, but I have very good grades, so I think it’s good that I’m being noticed.</p>

<p>I took the PSAT at 15 and immediately started getting way too many e-mails. I’m a senior now, and it’s up to a dozen (or dozens) a day. The physical letters are going to start soon too, and it isn’t going to let up. Best of luck in your college search!</p>

<p>To be honest, my daughter did very badly on her first PSATs, but is still getting nonstop email and regular mail from colleges. They started sending it before grades were available and are still sending them now that she officially has lousy marks. So everyone gets them, absolutely.</p>

<p>I got that too, but where exactly do you go to take it? I went to the address that was specified in the letter but it wasn’t found</p>

<p>Fill out the forms if 1) it’s a uni you’re definitely applying to or 2) they’re offering free items. </p>