Just a reminder...

<p>I’ve seen several thread titles that are rather negative. They use the words “failure” and “pathetic.” I used to feel exactly like this. Last year, I took AP US History and passed with a 4, and took AP English Lang/Comp. I had the highest grade in AP English and worked my butt off in that class. My AP score: 2 — it was devastating, especially since everyone around me passed with 5’s. This made me very apprehensive about taking the AP English Literature exam this year, and I am still scared as to how my performance on that test was. However, I think there are a couple things that we all have to remember: </p>

<li><p>You give you best possible in the course and on the exam, and whatever happens, happens—you can’t control how an AP grader chooses to grade you. Once the exam is done, there is no reason to stress yourself out about how you did—enjoy this last month of school—have fun. The ability to have fun is something that will stay with you throughout life, not how well you did on an AP test.</p></li>
<li><p>An AP test doesn’t determine your self-worth. It doesn’t predict anything about your future, about your character, or about your intelligence. The only implication it might carry is that you’ll have to take one more class in college—big whoop! Some people don’t even have the ability to go to college, so you should be thankful that you’re on the right path and that you’ve challenged yourself with an AP course.</p></li>
<li><p>Be happy with yourself. I realized through my testing struggles with the SAT/ACT that we are all unique. Would I give up any of my qualities for a 1900, 2100, 2200? No! We are all different, and we need to appreciate ourselves for the amount that we’ve accomplished so far.</p></li>
<li><p>Relax! Like I said, what ever happens, happens! It’s not the end of the world. It’s not the end of your future if you don’t pass. Stay optimistic! It will make you happier through the course of waiting. If you pass, great! If you don’t, brush it off and move on! If I am still okay, you will be too!</p></li>

<p>Good luck. Hope these words help!</p>

<p>thanks, that really did make me feel better - you said everything that i always try talk about to myself, except i don't always bring myself up to do so :'(</p>

<p>ap tests are just one thing - life goes on :)</p>

<p>Yeah. I've sucked at testing, yet I work so hard in school. I am going to UC Berkeley in the fall. Hard work pays off. Don't kill yourself over it. I was just like you—I couldn't come to terms with it until now and want to spread that sense of understanding that I've absorbed. Do your best and forget about it. You'll be fine no matter what happens! :)</p>

<p>where were you Sunday night when I was freaking out for bio?! LOL jk. Thanks it makes sense when you put it that way.</p>

<p>Well said. Remember that what you want from your education is a thorough understanding of the concepts of the curriculum. Even if you have a good grade or an AP score, sometimes you still need to take a course that gives you a stronger foundation in that area of study. </p>

<p>I know as an undergrad way back when, I really didn't understand statistics. By the time I went to graduate school ten years later, statistics was a breeze.</p>

<p>The reason why we go to college in the first place is to get an education, hence learn. People shouldn't freak out or worry if they don't pass an AP test. It simply means you have to learn more, which satisfies the purpose of college in the first place, and makes you SMARTER! (Something we all want here on CC.) 2 or lower on an AP test is not bad if put into perspective.</p>

<p>I always compared myself to others in my class who got all 5's and 2350's on their SATs, and it really hurt me because I didn't know want was wrong with my test taking abilities. I realized, though, that I have unique qualities that they might not possess, something I wouldn't give up.</p>

<p>In the end, this will have less than 1% of a chance of affecting us in our futures and how well we perform in them. It's the genuine qualities we possess (that we've cultivated) that will help determine that. Those qualities can only be created and measured by us, not by some exam.</p>

<p>this really helped calm my nerves for the upcoming comp test tomorrow.</p>

<p>Take it easy, man. You'll be fine. Best of luck.</p>

<p>I hope this thread helps A LOT of people. :)</p>

<p>Thanks so much. I totally felt like I failed AP Euro...we'll see. Whatever happens happens right? :]</p>

<p>Be optimistic. That'll help. Right, whatever happens, happens! It doesn't change who you are, what you know, and doesn't determine anything about you. If you worked hard in AP Euro, that's what counts. The ability to work hard and to TRY is more important. Those are what build success, not a 3, 4, or 5.</p>