Just An Average Student: Just a 1900.....

<p>Hey all of my college confidential users. I am going on a little journey over the next 3 months. I have 3 chances to get a decent score on my SAT because this is my last year in high school. I am shooting for anything between a 1800-2000. I know most of you guys get way over 2000 but my math skills are holding me back and I think the highest I can get on the math section is a 600 and even then, that 600 will be earned by painstaking preparation. I will be posting on here about how much I study and what I do everyday. I am asking for you guys to watch out for me and post so that I stay on task. I also hope that you learn something about a hardworking individual along the way. And finally, I hope that you guys will be willing to answer my math questions as I progress through this journey.</p>

<p>I love this site and the people so I'd appreciate it if you guys helped me out by responding to his thread with encouragement and possible your SAT journey.</p>

<p>Day 1:</p>

<p>Today I did the first math section on the free college board practice test. I got 13/20. Pretty bad but a month ago I probably wouldn't have gotten half correct. I am going to work on the concepts of the problems I did incorrectly and then I am going to go over some Geometry concepts.</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply. I've been trying to get my brother to get it for my birthday so I should have it soon :) hopefully it will help me point out my weaknesses. Thanks again for the encouragement.</p>

<p>Day 2: Yesterday I did a 25 minute reading section. I missed 4 and omitted 1. I'm getting better overall I just need to make my timing more consistent everyday. I also memorized 15 words in Direct Hits 1. I looked over some math problems I got wrong the other day and tried to see why I did them wrong.</p>

<p>Day 3: Yesterday I did a writing section. I missed 10. Not what I want but its improvement so its okay with me right now. I also memorized 15 words in Direct Hits. I should be done with volume 1 in 2 weeks. I need to do more more math stuff since I have a month until my first test. My math days are usually Friday but I'm also going to include Mondays and Sundays as the test date approaches.</p>

<p>Day 4: Yesterday I did not do anything because I was extremely tired. This morning however, I did an essay and did two math sections and a writing section in school. I did pretty bad on the math section but really well On the writing section. I am going to focus most of my attention on math for the next month and writing and reading will be a once in a while thing.</p>

<p>Hey goldmind, although you may think you're just "average," with decent studying I think you will be able to make drastic improvements, especially in math. Even though your scores may be low now, honestly, a lot of the SAT (math and writing more so than CR) can be improved with work, just like you're doing now. My first practice test at a test center was what, around an 1800? But after half a year, I was getting 2200+'s on practice tests. All you need is determination. Practice tests are your best bet (good job doing them everyday) but you got to make sure you go over the answers/unsure questions. I think that's what's most important. Make flashcards of answers you keep getting wrong, or seem hard to remember. For the essay try finding a template, or make a list of examples to remember. There are a lot of good CC threads on google that you can search about those. Good luck, just keep it up.</p>

<p>^^ Thanks UrAvergaeAzn. I know I'm average but I'm determined to improve. I'm going to start reviewing my correct and incorrect answers in math and reading so that I don't make the same mistake twice!</p>

<p>Day 5: Yesterday I finished my practice test, I got a 1770 on it. That isn't bad but its a good start. I'm going to go over the answers from that test, especially the math, and make mini posters to help me remember concepts.</p>

<p>Day 6: Today, I did a writing section and reviewed it. I am going to review it more meticulously this week. I also memorized 20 words in direct hits. I am half way through it now.</p>

<p>Woot, I've finally been consistent with studying, hopefully my score will show it</p>

<p>Hope you do well, keep it up!</p>

<p>thanks, maddsm!</p>

<p>how long till ur sat?</p>

<p>I'm taking it in 2 weeks but I'm also taking it in Nov.</p>

<p>You've shown a lot of dedication and I hope it pays off when you take the SAT in 2 weeks! Good luck!</p>

<p>Thanks domino! Ive been working and hopefully I do well.</p>

<p>I have lost track of how much I've been studying but ive been focused on math lately. Pwn the sat is a great math workbook and it helps a lot. I'm also buying a grammar guide today so hopefully it comes by friday.</p>

<p>Good luck! I'm sure you'll do fine on the exam. ;)</p>

<p>Good luck :) I'm in the same boat as you. Except I can't really retake it Nov because that would be my fourth time... how many times have you taken it?</p>

<p>@rabbits and Aares, Thanks a bunch.This will be my first real attempt! I plan to take it in Oct and Nov. I want Dec to be for subject tests but If i still don't have a 1900+ by then, Ill use that for another SAT test.</p>