Just Applied...

<p>I've just applied to Yale last month and I can't wait for feedback! I'm not confident in my chances and would like to know feedback if possible. Here are some stats...
GPA: about 3.9 unweighted 4.33 weighted
SAT: 2070, Math 740; Reading 650; Writing 680 (essay 8) this was in one sitting and my best super score</p>

Missions trip to the dominican republic
sponsoring a child, Cesar, in El Salvador
French Honors Society
Science League
Future Doctors of America
Pre-Medical Honors Program at UMDNJ
Field Hockey (Freshman)
Work (Paid) at an optometric physician's office preparing patients to see the doctor (testing vision, putting drops in eyes, using machines to measure the curvature of the eye, medical histories, etc.) </p>

<p>While my grades and SAT scores are good, I know they are not "Yale" great. I'm hoping, however, that my activities and my essay are enough to stand out. Am I allowed to post my essay for review?
Do I have a shot??</p>

<p>Feedback is greatly appreciated :)</p>

<p>Those are some pretty low scores, but that certainly doesn't mean you haven't got a shot. What are your SAT subject test scores, or your AP scores? That might bump you up a bit. Your passion for healthcare shows in your ECs, and you'd have definitely wanted to expand on that. Other than that, I must honestly tell you that your ECs aren't very strong. Did you play any other sports than field hockey, did you hold any leadership positions in high school, did you win any award through Science League or anything like that? If so, you'd have wanted to highlight those.</p>

<p>Your writing ability will be a large factor in Yale's decision. You're not a stellar applicant and they know that, but if you can convince them that you deserve to be there, despite your stats, that's going to be done in your essays.</p>

<p>"While my grades and SAT scores are good, I know they are not "Yale" great. "</p>

<p>Your SATs are actually not great at all for Yale. I know I'm being brutal, but I don't think it's good to be under the misconception that a 2070 is a good score.</p>

<p>?? a 2070 is a great sat score. It probably won't get you into yale but thats because they have so many applicants who happen to be beasts at standardized tests and so get 2300 plus, aka the top percentile of all test takers. But a 2070 is well within the top few percent of all test takers as well; although it probably won't get you into yale, with your rocking gpa im sure you'll get into some great schools. My advice though would be to stand out because that's the only way yale would happen. It would have to be something very different though- but you should aim for that goal for every college imo. Good Luck</p>