just back from touring - but no dorm rooms

<p>Hi -</p>

<p>We just got back from a trip to the PNW where we toured Whitman, plus a couple other schools. </p>

<p>I'm curious - the Whitman tour did not include any dorm rooms (and I didn't spot any on the online tour either). We were walked through the public sections of a couple of dorms, which were spacious and attractive.</p>

<p>What are the dorm rooms like?</p>

<p><a href="http://www.whitman.edu/content/residence_life/residence-halls%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.whitman.edu/content/residence_life/residence-halls&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>


<p>That link will give you a good view of all of the freshman dorms. I saw them on my tour--they're all beautiful!</p>

<p>Cool! Thanks! I am not able to download the software I need to view the additional pictures - maybe I can do that when I go home from work. Do they actually show rooms? But at least I can see the floorplans now. Thanks very much!</p>

<p>ChiSquare, how did you like your tour of the PNW? </p>

<p>We also were not shown individual rooms during our tour last year. I think Whitman tries to spare its students from feeling like zoo creatures on display, and I fully support that. When we were touring colleges, I've always felt guilty snooping on the insides of a student's room. A quick peek inside a dorm room may not give an adequate impression about all the rooms. However, a walk down the hall can answer a lot of questions about the dorm life: availability of common spaces to study, unwind or hang out, kitchens, cafeterias, bathrooms, etc. The two dorms we've seen were very good in all of these aspects. If my D gets in, she will definitely do an overnight visit and that way she can check out the rooms.</p>

<p>Tour was great fun! I'll fill in some detail offline, since it doesn't fit under this thread.</p>

<p>Thanks for the information on the dorm rooms. We were very impressed by the public spaces, and when I remarked about how much room was devoted to common areas, I was told that they do that intentionally to foster community among the dorm-mates. Didn't get to see any bathrooms!</p>

<p>The dorms at Whitman are nice, among the nicest we saw. My daughter's freshman room in Jewett was spacious, bright, comfortable. Amazingly, she was able to fit everything in it without too much difficulty, and she had a lot of stuff. Bathrooms are modern, and there is a nicely equipped full kitchen in each section. She's in a single in Prentiss this year, and it's really nice too.</p>

<p>When I stayed overnight in Jewett last October it was really nice. The couch beds were very very comfy and the bathrooms were not horrible. The food is really good in Jewett and Lyman (don't know about the others).</p>

<p>The dorms are very cozy, people decorate the halls and everything!!</p>