Just came back from Tisch (NYU) Audition!!!

<p>I had a great audition at Tisch...I even asked a question that the judge could not answer....she asked me to email her for a response...The auditions were fantastic...I was very nervous but really pulled through...I had never performed my songs better...If anyone has any questions about the auditions...who auditioned...what people sang...Some helpful hints..how to dress...how people dressed...who the judge was...what she asked....Just post a reply and I'll get back to you a.s.a.p...I remember how nervous I was before this audition...Even if I don't make it (God forbid) I knew I did my absolute best performance....Good luck to everyone!!!!</p>

<p>I'm so happy for you Ariya! There is nothing better than coming out of an audition feeling like you gave your very best. You can't ask for more than that.Well, of course, getting in would be the icing! I hope you do. </p>

<p>My daughter decided to apply regular decision. She will only accept Cap21. Did you say you would take any studio or just Cap? She has a local friend who auditioned last week and another next week. </p>

<p>Sure, anything you could share about it, go ahead....that is very nice of you!</p>


<p>PS to Ariya....since it was just the weekend, does that mean you attended one of the advanced dance auditions? I am thinking perhaps you did. If so, can you also share about that aspect? My D is signed up for one of the advanced dance audition dates too. </p>

<p>I made one mistake above in saying she would state she would only accept Cap. Originally when she was going to apply ED, she was going to only accept Cap21, not any other studio. She still feels that way but will not limit it in the audition as it is not binding for RD so she will see what she can get into (if anything!).<br>


<p>Yes, do let us know everything you can. Thanks.</p>

If you could post your feedback from this audition on the "Colleges for Musical Theater, Part 30" thread, a lot more people might see and benefit from your experience. Maybe just copy your first post from this thread, over there. Thanks!</p>