just curious....

<p>what if i took like 5 aps and got straight a's... buh then on the ap exam.. i did extremely horribly.. cause i took like ap french and ap chem buh didn't lean anything in the class.... is that really bad?</p>

<p>yes. yes it is</p>

<p>actually it depends on how bad you did
if your asian and by bad you mean a 4 then its not a big deal
but if u bombed both of them with 1's or 2's while still getting
some ridiculous grade like a 99 in both classes the adcom
will probably think theres massive grade inflation in ur classes</p>

<p>actually i pretty much bombed it...i mean the thing is...our school prepares us for all the other aps.. its just that the french and chem courses in our school suck!! i mean both teachers don't really teach during class.....</p>