Just dropped off my Freshman

We just moved our D in today and I honestly have to say there is not much QU could do to improve the process! The move in itself was flawless. We pulled up to the designated line, were ushered to the back door of her residence hall and our car was swarmed with the move-in crew who took every item out of the car and brought it to her room!

She has a weekend full of activities. From what I understand, she will reunite with all of her Orientation friends, plus all the others from the same “City” at the other orientation sessions. So, she has her group of 15 or so kids she met in June, but they add in another 50 or so that she will get to know this weekend. Meanwhile, she is meeting her roommates and other girls on her floor. I assured her, before classes start she will know 100+ people!

She was beaming from ear to ear as we left her. What more could a parent ask for? (An update text. THAT’s what a parent could ask for!!! Kidding, it has only been a few hours. But I AM anxiously awaiting news of her first day!)

Thanks QU for a great start. Go Bobcats!

Thanks for that feedback!

Registered here purely to reply and offer praise for QU. I’ve never seen my daughter so happy. She’s been through quite a bit in her adolescent years and was very much pointing to college as a fresh start. She was very excited when she finally made her selection of QU, that was reinforced by orientation and how it felt like ‘home’ to her. On Sunday she told me that even though she’s only been there 10 days or so, it felt like she had been there forever…meaning that in a good way. :slight_smile:

She likes her roommates, floormates, professors, and classes so far. She’s found a job already and has joined a few clubs/groups that reflect her interest while also engaging in some ‘standard’ college social activity. :slight_smile: She’s nearly 6 hours away so its very heartening to me to see how excited and normalized she already seems to be.

So like Hangdog said. Good start. Go Bobcats!

Would to hear how they like the school, my son goes to HS in Long Island, wants a nice campus life, “grassy” but competitive campus… how are the dorms? did they like them

My daughter loved her freshman year and is excited to go back. Her biggest worry is that I guess they had some major tornado come through and lost a boatload of trees so she’s worried some of the beauty of campus might be affected.:slight_smile:

She never complained about the dorms. From what I saw in my visits they are like any other place. Not living in luxury but for a year any one should be able to make it work. She was in a quad room and they had enough common and personal space.