Just for Juniors in April?

Has anyone been to this ASC preview program? In my experience, these large group campus visits can be very well-organized and informative and other times it’s an understaffed mess and you’re better off doing a regular group tour. I have one chance to sell my daughter on ASC, and I want it to show well! Would love any input.

I took my daughter to this event last year (2018) and recommend it. It was a large group but yes, it was well organized and informative. We traveled in from NYC and there were a few others from out of state/region but mostly regional potential applicants. The presentations were quite well done - the presentation by Admissions provided really useful advice for application to ANY college. Very clear info about the SUMMIT program (one of the strengths of this school, I think) and merit aid that is available. My daughter is focused on women’s colleges and prefers the Northeast, however the ASC campus is gorgeous, the learning environment seems very supportive, and merit aid so substantial (Elizabeth Kiss Trailblazer scholarship is $25,000 per year) that it was too good to pass up! She applied EA (and received offer of admission) and I don’t think she would have considered ASC had we not visited and gotten such a good impression. Decatur, GA made a good impression too - seems safe with cute places to eat.
Now D’s RD applications are all finished so will wait to see where else she gets in and compare offers, but it’s a strong contender on her list. HTH!

Thank you! Still considering ?

Oh, and congrats to your daughter!