Just for the heck of it...

<p>I posted these on the Cornell board, but posting them on the Harvard board just sounded like fun. </p>

<p>I'm a junior right now, but I want to do some research to get ready--so I just wanted to know if these credentials are in the range... aka, please DON't chance me-unless you really want to- because chance threads are pointless anyways (since we're not admission officers)</p>

<p>If it makes a difference, environmental majors r good. and again, if it makes a difference, asian american female from the Southwest. </p>


<p>no AP, IB in school--> just all honors: so "most rigorous courseload"
most rigorous high school compared to other schools in state, but nobody has ever gone to harvard...
Freshman Year: B+'s in bio and electives, A-'s in US history, english and geometry, A's in foreign lang.</p>

<p>Sophomore Year: Straight A's (Euro history, 2 electives, Alg II, english, german, physics I)</p>

<p>Junior year (current): as of now--Straight A's --ancient history, english, german, trig, 2 electives (but I could get an A- in physics II)</p>

<p>worst-comes-to worse: 3.8 GPA: rank--I get slaughtered in this aspect--12/50 (unless I don't get that A-, then it becomes 6/50...)</p>

<p>w/out freshman year, straight A's...</p>

<p>I know Harvard is interested in a lot other things besides grades, but I have ECs and test scores--so all I want to find out about is grades...thanks! honest opinions are always valued...so feel free to tell me that my credentials are way off...btw does Harvard recalc. GPA?</p>

<p>ECs (just in case you cared :-) )</p>

<p>piles and piles of environmental work is my main one, but I also play some sports, I'm president of a charity club that I founded</p>

<p>in terms of environmental work
-I do a ton of projects for UNEP (united nations environ. program)
- I present my project to schools around the country and the world
- I run my own environmental club
- I mentor six other environmental groups around the nation</p>

<p>and I'm adopted so I like to help out in a local foster home</p>

<p>I'm applying for TASP, b/c I like it, but if I got in would it make me look significantly better?</p>