Just found out about Beloit and have a few questions!


I’m in desperate need of a safety, and was struggling to find an early action liberal arts college, but then I heard about Beloit. It honestly sounds like an incredible school, and I think I would be super happy there. However, I have a few questions. Since Beloit will be a safety for me, (Graduating with 10 APs, have a 94 avg unweighted, and a 33 ACT) will I be discarded as an applicant if I am unable to visit? Will an off campus interview help my case in that regard? I live in New York and will not be able to visit.

No, you will be fine without a visit. With those stats, you will probably get quite a break on tuition. My wife went there and they treated her very well.

To demonstrate interest, fill out the “request info” form. Always click on the links in the emails they send you. Based on what you read, email Admissions to ask a few questions (perhaps to be put in touch with students in your major or that come from your state).
It is indeed a great college to have as a safety and one that’d be much higher ranked if it were in the MidAtlantic or in California. :slight_smile: