Just go with SAT or take the ACT as well?

I am a complete newbie w.r.t the college admission process. My oldest child is a junior. Looks like she did very well on her SAT. We found out that she got a 1600 (R+M) + 23/24 (Essay) on the SAT in her first attempt. She also has a 800 on the Math 2 section. Her counselor says she should target the Ivies / MIT type schools. She was planning to take the ACT in March. My question is - does she need to take the ACTs now? Besides college admission, I understand these scores also help make the cut for various high school awards. Any help from all the knowledgeable ones on this board is much appreciated.

With a perfect score on the SAT (note: most colleges don’t emphasize the esssay component of the new SAT, as noted on their websites, so do not worry about that one lost point), there is absolutely no need for her to waste her time preparing for an ACT. ACT and SAT are equally acceptable for all colleges. Instead, she can spend time on her schoolwork, extracurriculars, and essays, making herself an interesting applicant.

No need to take the ACT or bother relooking at the SAT. She’s done unless some of her schools need subject tests.

Congratulations to your daughter! No need for another SAT or ACT. If she is interested in the Ivies +, she should focus on the other areas of critical importance - essays, ECs, strong recommendations, and GPA. Subject matter tests will be important as well (remember, a school that suggests SAT IIs are “recommended” = “required”). As hard as it may be to believe, the competition for the limited spots in these schools will all have very strong test scores. D needs to distinguish herself in other respects. But wow, she is on her way!

hey - stay on this board throughout the next year. Many of the posters here are very knowledgeable and can give so much advice on the whole process - admissions & cost & aid & etc. You will learn so much just reading old threads. Well done to your daughter.

Wow! Within an hour 4 clear & concise responses. No hemming and hawing. Just what I was looking for. Thanks a lot!! And bgb4us - I have learned so much from just a day of lurking!

I am in a similar situation (though not quite as good). My scores are 1590 (790 - reading and writing, 800 - math) and 22/24 essay. Should I both with an ACT in April? I’m looking to apply to Ivies.

I also should mention that I have a 730 World History, 800 Math 2, 760 Chemistry.

Don’t bother with the ACT @mangopineapple No school will deny you based on those scores.

I don’t know if this is a serious question.

I think it would actually harm your D. if she studies for the ACT because it’s a complete waste of time… She already has a 1600: the time spent of studying for the ACT could be spent on strengthening her extracurricular achievements and essays. Especially at top schools, strong accomplishments and leadership that demonstrate intellectual curiosity are very important.