Just got a supplemental request from UCLA

<p>Do I have a chance? What do most people who receive the supplement requests end up?</p>

<p>Did you get the borderline, talent, or adversity (or w/e it's called) supplement? If you got the borderline one, would you mind telling your stats?</p>

<p>Are they different types of supplements? </p>

<p>There were 2 essay prompts:
1. any special talents/ awards
2. difficulties in life/family
and +I have to submit my fall and spring grades</p>

<p>My stats are below average for UCLA. My SAT scores are very low: 1780 total with a 740 in Math</p>

<p>I sent 3 subject tests twice cuz I took them in Nov and Dec. My best two were Chem 720 and Math 740.</p>

<p>My UCGPA, I m not so sure, should be about 4.1...something cuz my high school GPA was 4.24 I am a straight A's student but the courses I took were not rigourous at all. I only have 2 UC approved Honors and I am taking 1 Honors and 2 APs this year (Spanish3, CHem, CalcAP respectyively)</p>

<p>I am an AsianFAIL too, supposedly.</p>

<p>Whoa! What kind of ECs did you have?</p>

<p>not that many
I was in swim team and girls water polo freshmen year
Academic Decathlon soph year
3rd Place PTA Reflections Award last year Art Catergory
Volunteer 3 places: Hospital 200 hrs, local public library 60, hospice office 60
several clubs related to community services
work experience in a restaurant(not really cuz I didn't get paid, my family used to own it)</p>

<p>something like that...don't remember all
but I didn't get any other supplemental requests from other 5UC's that I applied to at all</p>

<p>That's weird... no idea how you got a supplement. Nothing really outstanding in terms of GPA/Scores/ECs... And by the way, only Cal and LA send out supplements. Good luck though!</p>

<p>Did you write a sob story? Or a family difficulty?</p>

<p>Yes, you have a chance! It means that you're on the borderline and the UC system is looking for a nudge that explains why you don't have as much as they'd hope to see; hence the sob-story angle on difficulties. They're also checking to make sure you DID list all those awards and honors. Maybe you have a few that will strengthen your app.</p>

<p>Ms Sun has an admission blog and will also send you a general guideline to what they're looking for in this questionaire. We aren't allowed to post links to blogs, but you can easily find her website with google.</p>

<p>I mean Of Course there's more to it. In General, Each individual's application is pretty specific. I didn't list everything I had on my app.</p>

<p>Did you write a sob story?</p>

<p>I think you do have a chance. I think you guys above who are saying that he has nothing unique are being very rude.
YOu have no idea what he / she has done in their personal application. These days people are so obsessed with stats and comparing SATS and ecs that they don't
think about the person.
you definitely have a chance and i am sure you can get in. I hope you get in so you can prove people that bring you down wrong. No one has the right to say anything like that to you! Good luck!!!!</p>

<p>No one said he did not have a chance. He has a great chance now that he has received the supplement and most likely will be admitted if he writes some good stuff.</p>

<p>I just wanted to know if he wrote a sob story. I wasn't trying to be rude. It is basic curiosity when someones stats are not up to par.</p>

<p>Lol it totally sounds rude from how you posted it.</p>