Just got into Pomona, but Wesleyan offered more financial aid--appeal?

<p>Hey all,</p>

<p>The title pretty much explains it. I really like both schools, but I can't even consider Pomona unless I have more financial aid. They said that they calculated my need and I didn't qualify for any scholarships or grants, but Wesleyan gave me 14,000 in grant money for aid. Is it worth emailing or writing Pomona to ask for an appeal? What would you recommend doing?</p>


<p>I always thought that financial aid appeals were for extraordinary circumstances (high medical bills, that kindof thing, not necessarily because you got more aid from someone else) but i guess its worth a shot, right? i doubt that they’ll say yes though, but it can’t hurt to ask!! Good luck!</p>

<p>These are both excellent schools. Assume successful appeal makes them cost the same. If you would then pick Wesleyan, why bother appealing? If you would pick Pomona, why not appeal, telling them about Wesleyan’s offer? If you’re on the fence, you could decide to come down (on the W side) and stop worrying about falling off. :)</p>

<p>try your best to get some appeal from Pomona. Wesleyan is a great school; but between the location, academics, and school itself, not going to Pomona would be a missed opportunity.</p>