Just got my email - Waitlisted

<p>redsox590: Newhouse FTW......</p>

<p>i just got a call that im accepted to arts & sciences off the wait list, but i've already sent in my money for university of missouri @ columbia's school of journalism. any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated in this confusing time.</p>

<p>annaes: Oh, boy...that is a tough one....You may want to PM geezermom; her son is going to UMissouri journalism and turned down Newhouse....Did you apply to Newhouse as your 1st choice? If so, you need at least a 3.5 GPA as an internal transfer to be considered for Newhouse out of arts & science...IMO, i would stick with UMissouri; great journalism school........</p>

<p>thank you so much for your advice. I really do appreciate it. I visited Mizzou for the first time recently and really liked it, i was very impressed. Also I did apply for newhouse as my first choice, but was put in arts & sciences. I am in honors journalism at mizzou, so it really does seem like a better choice at this point. thank you again for your help!</p>

<p>I'd choose Merrill! Great, highly respected, nationally ranked (probably top 3) and limited enrollment undergrad print journalism program and broadcast journalism program. Great location near DC, Annapolis and Baltimore - major media and sports media markets. Far less expensive than SU. Maryland is a large, well known public ivy university with big time sports program and very competitive teams each year in football and basketball at Maryland, so sportswise it's often in the public eye and covered by the media. D (also a journalism major, though not sports) was accepted to Merill and we were very impressed with it and the university, though she ended up choosing Penn State's College of Communications. Good luck!</p>

<p>ugh I got wait listed as well!!!!
I applied to the College of Arts and Science but they wait listed me for the College of Human Ecology. Which I didn't necessarily mind since it does tie into my career choice, psychology with a focus on family and adolescent. So I was pretty ok with that choice. But the only problem I have with this whole wait list thing is that I actually really do want to go here! SO, does anyone know if whether or not I'll get a better chance of being accepted since I got put into the College of Human Ecology instead of Arts and Science? AND should we put a deposit even though we're not gonna know till May 15th? AND let me know what you guys have done to help increase your chances of acceptance. AND does anyone know the actual percentage of wait lister at Syracuse who got off the wait list from last years or other previous years?
I know I ask a lot of questions but as you can see I really am interested in Syracuse!</p>

<p>D was waitlisted for SU in late March for Sport Management. She went ahead and put a deposit down on her second choice, and went back to visit it. In the meantime, she wrote emails to her contact in SU admissions stating her desire to attend and why Syracuse and not her second choice also stating she would attend if she was accepted. Her final email was an essay on all things Syracuse and why she would be a good fit. on April 6th (the day after a 16 hour drive to her second choice) she was called by admissions and told she was off the waitlist. She was very excited, though she did really like 2nd choice. Even though Syracuse is more money, she felt the contacts made through their sport management program were superior to 2nd choice so she will attend Syracuse next fall. We lost the deposit to 2nd choice. So, write to admissions, if you have a contact (from interview) use him/her. Our contact told us to write weekly, with any new accomplishments or news. When a spot opens, you want them to think of you immediately. Good luck!</p>

<p>O'h, btw, we had our guidance counselor call admissions. They would not say how many kids get off waitlists because it is different for each school and year to year. They also do not rank kids on the waitlist, which is why they told us to write to them frequently. Spots open and they don't want to have to dig through applications, they want to make one phone call and fill the spot. D will be in Human Ecology. We were at admitted students open house and it is a nice school. Small and intimate, they seem to know all the kids in the college-about 800 in total. You would easily be able to minor is psychology or switch majors.</p>

<p>skanmom: Congrats to your D!! It was clearly her first choice all along!! Since you seemed to have done your hw and you are legacy, do you think it was harder to be admitted to Human Ec than A&S? ( I know your D put down a 2nd and 3rd choice after sports mgmt which were not as competitive, yet according to your posts she would have been waitlisted to those as well).....</p>

<p>It just seems that A&S is still an easier "admit" .......especially for RD</p>

<p>I think in general, CAS is the easiest to get into. I know at the spring reception on Fri, the Dean of Human Ecology said they had the most applicants ever to their college, but largely due to the popularity of Sport Management and Hospitality. I think for the OP, she has a decent shot at Human Ecology. I guess psychology is a popular major. I think it is a toss up between the two as to which is easier. I think in the past CAS was the easiest with Human Ecology a close second.</p>

<p>For those who are waitlisted, I'm turning my spot down. Havent done it yet, though, Syracuse is hard to let go of. Hah. It was my number one for awhile.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>I GOT IN!!!!! I got a call today!! Arts and Sciences Poly Sci!!!! My first choice!</p>

<p>congrats!! stats please if you have stopped jumping up and down....!!</p>

<p>am i the first one?</p>