Just got my email - Waitlisted

<p>I was so sure that I would get accepted...</p>

<p>ACT - 28
GPA - 88ish unweighted</p>

<p>Me too. Applied for a dual program in Management and Newhouse Management, and got waitlisted to Information Management and Technology. I rejected a spot on the waitlist. How the hell does IT connect to general management? Even if I got off the waitlist, I wouldn't want to be doing that major anyways...</p>

<p>ACT: 31
SAT: 1330/1990
GPA: 3.0UW/3.2W
Hispanic Male, NJ</p>

<p>Not quite understanding the wait list concept. How can you possibly NOT put a deposit on a school by May 1st....Why would you risk NOT getting a placement in another institution? WHO would gamble on the offshoot of being accepted on May 15th?...and with no guarantee of financial aid to boot! What is the point??? Can you revoke an acceptance offer to another college?</p>

<p>i am so so so so so angry. so far im at 5 waitlists and one rejection...syracuse was the 5th waitlist. i didnt expect to get into the rejection school at all, knew that 2 of the other four could have gone either way, and that even though i was above the standards for the other two, i had little to no demostrated interest.</p>

<p>In fact, I had applied to management first choice are arts and sciences second, and was waitlisted THERE. my college advisor said i have about a 65% percent chance for management, and pretty much a guarenteed in to CAS. Particularly after my tour, meeting with the dean of the management school, and interview. im furious.</p>

<p>gpa- 3.3
ACT- 30
lots of ecs, what i thought were good recs and essays...</p>

<p>wait...slater...correct me if im wrong, but i think i remember you from the whole NYU ed frenzy? clearly we are soooo lucky in our college admissions, haha.</p>

<p>ahhaha yeah looks like syracuse wanted to follow in the footsteps of the pricks at NYU huh</p>

<p>So does anyone know what are the chances of getting in if you are waitlisted? I didn't get in for Newhouse but got wait listed for CAS.</p>

<p>Wait lists seem to have increased at almost every school. Last year a lot of schools have too high a yield; they were over=enrolled. It should be interesting to see what happens this year. My gut tells me schools are going to be scampering to fill slots off the wait lists.</p>

<p>I got waitlisted for Newhouse, but on my CommonApp i picked also picked second and third choice colleges... do you have to wait until May 15th to know if you got into those colleges as well?</p>

<p>Keep the faith. Syracuse has no form in their admissions package to decline an admission. As a result they probably can't start replacing those who decline till mid-may at the earliest.</p>

<p>To decline admission, you use the same form as you do to accept admission. There's a box to check that you are declining and a line to write the school you'll be attending instead. Then you mail it in--no online option for accepting/declining.</p>

<p>I am deciding to apply to Whitman as a transfer. It seemed like admission is competitive.</p>

<p>On Thurs. 4/24, my S got a call from Admissions and was told he has been taken off of the waitlist in Arch. He wrote emails and letters to both the admissions dean and arch dept 2 wks ago. We were very surprised when they called before May 1. We are all set to send our S to his second choice and now we are all confused.</p>

<p>This is a good confusion - at least you were notified before the deposit due date! Was Syracuse a clear first choice??? Or, has he grown to love school #2!</p>

<p>SSD, if it helps your decision, I can tell you first hand that SU's arch program is great... wasn't for me, but if architecture is his thing, i'm pretty sure he'll love it... all my friends do.</p>

<p>It is not a clear 1st choice now. He loves his second choice Pratt. Its in NYC, cool and hip. Programs are very different. We will visit and see.</p>

<p>I was just offered admission to Newhouse from the wailtist. Now I just have to figure out if I would benefit more from Newhouse or Maryland's Phillip Merill school.</p>

<p>If you're really into communications then definitely attend Newhouse.</p>

<p>I just was accepted off the waitlist to Whitman. But I have had a change in heart in my major. How should I go about changing this before sending in my papers. (I want to switch to sports managment)</p>

<p>im interested in broadcast journalism. Which one?</p>