Just got my ssat scores back!!!

<p>I was worrying for several weeks about my ssat scores, and I found the envelope in the mail today. I was sweating and shaking and nervous, but I opened it. I was expecting about 95% Verbal, 70% math and 80% R.C. The first thing I saw was 99% and I FREAKED OUT!!!! I started jumping around and screaming!! When I calmed down enough to read the thing here's what it said...</p>


<p>VERBAL: 800 99%
MATH: 728 81%
READING: 773 99% </p>

<p>TOTAL: 2301 99%</p>

I don't know if this is a mistake (praying it isn't) but please send in your own scores to compare scores:percentile! And if you haven't got the back, GOOD LUCK!! ;)</p>