Just got the blue book..

<p>Should I just jump straight into the practice tests and try to improve through repetition and practice; or would you recommend that I read the so-called "strategies" and "tricks" to improve your score.</p>

<p>I would recommend reading the strategies. they have some helpful tips. and the BB has a nice math review so you remember all the math stuff you learned awhile ago and forgot. since you've got a few months till the next test, read everything and practice, LOTS!</p>

<p>It depends on your target score. If you score around 2000+ and are naturally a good test taker, you can almost entirely skip the tips and go straight to practicing. (There are 10 tests, and approximately 10 weeks of summer, then September, so yeah.)</p>

<p>I would save some of the practice tests for last. Actually, I'd take one first just to see where you stand and where you can improve, then look at tips and strategies/stuff to learn and see how you can improve. Don't feel like you have to try out every single strategy; everyone's different and obviously some strategies will work better than others. After that (and look up what tips you can online and on CC--there are very helpful ones out there), take another practice test, and so on. I'd save at least one more for the week you're taking the real test just to prep your brain into gear then, especially (as other poster said) since the next SAT is so far away from now.
Don't waste the practice tests, because they're limited in quantity and (in my opinion) the most valuable resource to studying for the SAT; in other words, only take one if you feel like you've improved since the last time (or are trying out a strategy), and take it under realistic conditions (time limits, essay, sitting in a chair with occasional breaks and all).</p>