Just got the e-mail! Rooming assignment

<p>Has anyone else gotten it?</p>

<p>I did. Got stuck with baits ii. Oh well, maybe I'll get lucky with a chance trade.</p>

<p>yup I got it as well, on markley double</p>

<p>My roommate sent me a facebook friends request, and I almost clicked ignore before I just thought to check mail... good thing for that.</p>

<p>baits II, ftw. tmazer what's your specific assignment? i'm in coman house.</p>

<p>I wonder if I am going to have to loft my bed in a 10x12 single. hmm.</p>

<p>can someone post the link that you click on in the email?</p>

<p>It just takes you to the "my assignment" page. It's very easily accessible through the housing website. If you haven't received the email I would think your assignment probably isn't posted yet.</p>

<p>I'm in coman house too. and...i have a roommate. in a single.</p>


<p>are the assignments released over a period of days?</p>

<p>My</a> Assignment | University Housing</p>

<p>go there, and log in</p>

<p>btw, i didn't get the email and my roommate info was up, so it doesn't mean that it's not up if you didn't get it</p>

<p>My roommate is from Ethiopia</p>

<p>Well UM does boast of it's diversity! I'm sure it will be very interesting.</p>

<p>I'm sure it will be...different to say the least</p>

<p>my single's 8x14 is that a decent size?</p>

<p>That is quite possibly the weirdest dimension I've yet seen. What building is that? I think the beds are like 7 feet long so you're not going to have much leeway on how you arrange your furniture, but the room is very long.</p>

<p>12x12 double in markley. scott house</p>

<p>Sanford in Bursley...</p>

<p>double in oxford house gedde house</p>

<p>10ft by 16ft</p>

<p>is that big or small?</p>

<p>wel...definitely bigger than mine :)</p>