Just had the worst nightmare...

<p>So I just dreamt that for some reason, all applicants were at Cornell University on the 31st, and instead of giving out decisions online, they were actually physically given out in envelopes at noon. Obviously, I got rejected, and I spent the remainder of my dream trying to convince the Dean of Admissions that it was a mistake. Not to mention the fact that in my dream, Guaranteed Transfer was reserved only for students with a perfect SAT score.</p>

<p>Damn, what a bad dream.</p>

<p>hehe you seem to have your heart set on Cornell!</p>

<p>"Guaranteed Transfer was reserved only for students with a perfect SAT score."
wow..what a crazy dream you had. lol</p>

<p>Do not worry I had very similar dreams while I was waiting for my ED decision. I had a dream that they came to my door and told me, sorry you did not make it...lol I got in so , so odds are you will too. Good Luck.</p>

<p>Dreams are mere figments of your imagination: I dream of Sienna Miller yet in real life she denies me.</p>

<p>u have awesome dreams =D</p>

<p>Everyone on CC seems so dedicated and dead set on getting into a certain college...it makes me feel so uncaring. Take cornell for example - I didn't even visit the school, didn't do an interview, really showed no interest, wrote my essays the day before they were due and spent like an hour on them. </p>

<p>And here you are, tossing and turning under your covers afraid you won't get into the school of your dreams...good luck OP. After next monday, you will sleep more soundly.</p>

<p>Even after acceptance , one still has dreams of one being at Cornell. no jk</p>