Just How Hard Is It To Get Into University Of Toronto Or Queen's???

<p>I mean which school would be it's US equivalent. How do these top Canadian institutions compare to say... the American Ivy League schools?</p>

<p>Don't know much about Toronto but Queen's is considered a "Canadian Ivy".</p>

<p>no offense but Toronto is excellent school. Queen's really isnt.
(Gourman</a> Report Ranking of Canadian Universities)</p>

<p>you can check other major international rankings as well.(SHJT, NewsWeek,THES) It's clear that Queen's is third tier</p>

<p>i will be honest here, compare to US's most elite school Queen's is just piece of ****</p>

<p>gourman report isn't all that reliable... so don't count on it</p>

<p>SJTU ranked queen's lower than 100. as well as Newsweeks, dont listen to these lies go check it out yourself. its obvious, here in canada Queen's isnt even considered top tier</p>

<p>ADULT:</a> THE BANALITY OF EVIL CONTINUES AT EVIL U, Queen's University at Kingston: THE CURSED SOIL!</p>

<p>well i guess llld is accurate, but their business program is fine</p>

<p>I'm dummy and I got into both. LOL</p>

<p>llld, how old are you? you have the most contradictory posts...</p>


<p>if you are going into business go to western Ontario or UoT</p>

<p>Easy. </p>

<p>It does depend on the major you apply for. Approximate cut off at UT is normally around 83% using the Ontario grading system. (which is a B-) It's similar for Queen's (other than engineering.)</p>

<p>The applicant pool for Canadian schools are much smaller than top schools in the US, and their school sizes (since its all public) are very large. So they aren't very selective at all.</p>

<p>actually i take back my previous post, both queen's and UWO have great business programs. Queen's has the #1 international business school according to businessweek, and Ivey is #2</p>

<p>Queen's is better than Ivey? o-o... heh, imagine that.. If you want a good Canadian business program (but is also hard as hell to get into) go for York's business school at Schulich, it's the best in the country I believe.</p>

<p>schulich is 2nd tier, Ivey and QBS are the best, most Ibankers come outta those two schools</p>

<p>Heh. Having come from Canada, the requirements for Ivey and QBS were much lower than that for Schulich. I have friends in all three. A 90+ average is a guarantee get in for both QBS and Ivey. Whereas Schulich was somewhat like an Ivy in that there was no guarantee, and the cutoff was 97+ (since it was dependant also upon your essay)</p>

<p>MBA</a> Guide to the best in graduate business school programs</p>

<p>York itself, however, is definitely a 2nd tier school. They just happen to have the best business school in Canada.</p>

<p>These rankings are confusing. one says queen's the other ivey, the other u of t the other schulich</p>

<p>Heh. It's really because they're all pretty much up there. Going to any four of those is pretty good.</p>

<p>Queens website shows that they admit about 3000 students per year and last year had 26000 applications. 33% of the admitted had averages of 90% or above. Not sure about U of T or the others on this thread.</p>