Just HOW important are major pre-reqs at UCB and UCLA for non-impacted majors?

<p>Hey all,</p>

<p>My issue is that I didn't complete one of the pre-reqs for cal, as the pre-reqs for my major (art history) were not listed on ASSIST and I didn't find out about them until I did the Berkeley application update...But since this major is not very popular/impacted, will it hurt my chances? I have read on several threads that major pre-reqs MUST be completed for LA and Berkeley, but is this true for majors like art history?</p>

<p>Here are my stats:</p>

<p>Major: Art History
Schools: Cal, UCLA
Major Pre-Reqs: 3/3 for UCLA, 3/4 for Cal*
IGETC: Will be completed this spring
EC's: -Volunteered at a museum for 6 months,
-Interned at an antique shop for a year
-Interned at a local library for 8 months
-Helped start an Art History club at my college (and have been a member for 1.5 years)
-Make sack lunches for homeless people (at a charitable organization) for 2 hours every week for 3 years

<p>Should I be worried since I did not complete that 1 pre-req? Or am I golden? I am just worried b/c of how much major pre-reqs are emphasized for cal and LA on this forum!</p>

<p>Well, put yourself in the shoes of the colleges, you want to move students through as quickly as possible so you have room for the next entering classes. Student A has 4.0, EC's, and 4/4 pre-reqs, Student B has 4.0, EC's, and 3/4 pre-reqs. Which gets in?</p>

<p>That said I think you are into both schools as I've seen people with ~3.5gpa and no pre-reqs get into majors such as Phil (because as in your case they simply aren't offered at their CC). The pre-reqs are very important, but they probably won't make that big a fuss if you're only missing one for your major, esp. if it's not even offered at your school or surrounding ones.</p>

<p>You should only ever be worried if neither your college nor any of the colleges within a reasonable driving distance of your home offer the prerequisite. With your major, though, even if one of the nearby colleges offers the class, I wouldn't worry too much. It's Art History (this is coming from a Philosophy applicant), and you have a 4.0, with great, major-relevant ECs.</p>

<p>Berkeley art history requirements are listed here:
General</a> Catalog - History of Art</p>

<p>Lower division (ideally, you want to have as many as possible of these done before transfer):</p>

<li>3 lower division art history courses, in at least 2 subareas (AP art history with a score of 4 can count for 1 course in western art)</li>
<li>1 art practice course</li>

<p>Upper division:</p>

<li>5 upper division non-seminar art history courses, in 5 subareas</li>
<li>2 additional upper division art history courses, including at least 1 seminar</li>
<li>1 upper division course outside the department which is related to the student's focus</li>

<p>Total 12 courses. Consider that most students will take about 4 courses per semester, or 16 courses over 4 semesters. Since art history courses do not list prerequisites with each other, it should be doable even if you have no prerequisites done before transfer (assuming IGETC or breadth is complete). However, the department recommends taking no more than 2 art history courses per semester, even though completing in 4 semesters starting from nothing will require 3 per semester.</p>

<p>Thanks for posting that UCBALUMNUS. I have completed the 3 courses in 2 sub areas (have actually completed 4) but I did not complete the practice of art course. However, when I was completing the supplement for UCB, they said that I MAY use the summer to complete major pre-reqs...does anyone know more about this? Is this advisable?</p>