Just How Much Do Deadlines Matter on Common App

It seems unlikely to me that private colleges without strict government deadlines to adhere to would give a hoot about the difference between 11:59pm and 12:00 pacific time when there are still the Hawaiian applicants turning their stuff in. Am I very wrong in this? That if you were likely to be accepted before the deadline that the extra minutes on the common app timestamp wouldn’t matter?

Minutes? Probably not. No AO is standing at the computer at midnight directing late apps into the trash.

Days late? Going into the trash.

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Feel free to ignore as many requirements in an application as you’d like, demonstrating an inability or lack of interest in following directions and/or meeting deadlines.

Let us know how it goes.

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Lol, @RichInPitt

The reality is no one can be sure. Don’t test your luck.

Most colleges don’t wait to review until you decide to fully complete your package.

Plus, sheesh, wanna know how often a late submission gets log jammed with all the other last-minute submits?