Just in case anyone is still wondering...

I figured I’d update our Eckerd thoughts just in case anyone is still wondering. My lad is a junior now - International Studies major (having switched from Marine Science a little over a year ago) and he still loves the place - as do we. We’ve been visiting him in Februaries the last couple of years, eating in the dining hall some (fantastic food for a small college IMO - esp if one prefers healthy options), going to some evening presentations (saw the recent tribute to Elie Wiesel with Western Wind’s “We Are Still Here!” performance - VERY well done), and generally wandering on and off campus (around St Pete).

We’ve met some of his professors, peers, and friends.

No regrets at his choice. Not a single one. Obviously I can’t say all students who choose Eckerd will love it or take advantage of all the school offers, but my guy loves it and takes advantage of things as he can - as do we.

My daughter applied and got into Eckerd with some decent scholarship and grant. She received the scholarship first and then a grant was added after we applied for FA. So far their offer is the best we have. She is thinking about asking for a deferral and taking a gap year with 30 credits. Are they likely to grant her a deferral?

I’m not sure, but I know they’ve been great to work with whenever we’ve had questions - very understanding and supportive. I’d call and ask.

Check with admissions and have them confirm whether the financial aid package will remain in place.

Is it as much of a party school as people say it is? That’s one of the things that’s turning me off of it…

Yes, it’s a party school. (I just asked youngest who is home on Spring Break.) However, he added a BUT followed by “It’s not a big peer pressure party school. When friends ask me if I want to go with them to a party and I say ‘no’ they are fine with it and don’t pressure me to go.”

He then said to describe it “If you’re a partier, great. There’s tons of stuff for you. If you’re not a partier, great. There’s tons of stuff for you.”

Come to one of the Explore Eckerd Accepted Students weekend and you will get a feel if it is a right fit. There are parties, but no pressure. There are also very hard working and high achieving students. Eckerd has a Phi Beta Kappa, the largest number of Hollings Scholars in the US, Fullbright and Goldwater Scholars. Research opportunities begin as freshmen. There is an honors program. State of the art science, marine science, CS, math labs. New Visual arts building to be completed this summer. Daughter is in Veterinary school now and says her preparation in the math and sciences put her ahead of her peers. She also said the science labs at Eckerd were more difficult!

Ok thanks! I’m not worried about peer pressure, I’m just worried I won’t exactly “fit in” since I’m not a partier. Your comment is reassuring! :slight_smile:

Just starting the search for my HS Junior D and came across Eckerd. It looks like paradise, which is attractive and worrisome at the same time! I’ve read mixed things about the academics, can anyone comment how serious they are and the school’s reputation both for Grad school and with employers? My D is undecided but has interests in Communications, Creative Writing, and Psychology. I’ll take the partying with a grain of salt, can’t imagine a college that doesn’t have a big party scene, even the ivies. But as a minority student I do worry a bit about diversity and acceptance at Eckerd as well. Looking to plan a visit but interested in parent / student perspectives.

I have 2 children who went to Eckerd. One went on to law school and the other is in Veterinary school currently. It was the youngest institution in the US to be awarded a Phi Beta Kapa chapter, has the largest number of NOAA Hollings Scholars in the US, has had a number of Goldwater and Fulbright Scholars, was just recently awarded one of 75 in the US, Peace Corps prep programs, has the renowned Writers in Paradise Program, has a student newspaper with top state and national awards, and so much more! It is a very welcoming, close community.

My daughter goes there and does have a problem with the partying, actually. She may very well be exaggerating and blowing off steam when she tells me this, but she likes parties and going to them, but complains about being people just being so drunk or high they really can’t even speak. And that a large number of people are like that on weekday nights and even week days. Lots of drugs and not just pot. If there are a bunch of cool, nice, smart kids who like to have fun but not the totally wasted kind, she hasn’t found them yet.

Those party kids won’t last long. Is she a freshman? What is her major. Perhaps she can talk with her RA who can direct her to other clubs and activities where she will find a different set of friends. Lots of successful students with high achievements, high rate of acceptance into grad and professional schools.

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She is not a Freshman. And, yeah, they last long.

My guy is studying abroad in Jordan right now, so I can’t easily get him to respond, but he always told us there’s the partying group and the non partying group. The latter is smaller, but they certainly exist. He was part of it. He said both groups respect each other - live and let live.

My middle son went elsewhere and also found there to be a partying and non-partying group. I think that’s pretty common across colleges.

We suggested our guy check out clubs, events, and he made some great connections with Aspec (a group of retirees who meet on campus who still value education) too.

My daughter chose Eckerd and is studying literature and creative writing. Our family cannot say enough positive things about the school. She’s finishing up her degree in three years and is looking forward to grad school. She was never a partier and didn’t feel any pressure to join in and she did find a nice group of likeminded friends. We love Eckerd, particularly because they are very student centered and professors and staff work closely with all the students to help them find success at Eckerd and beyond.

Graduation is this coming May. Time sure has flown! My guy’s love for Eckerd (and ours) is solid. It’s been an awesome school for him.

Congratulations! Wow, time has gone by quickly. Have a wonderful graduation.